Chichester Ghost Tour

In a collaboration with CHINDI , Julia Macfarlane produced ‘The Chichester Ghost Tour’.

A guide to the Ghosts of ChichesterEvery city should have a ghost tour. No long weekend visit to a British city is complete without a visit to a traditional pub and a wander around the city centre.

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So Chichester deserves to have all three combined. And here you have it! A guide to follow on your own or with your friends which will take you on an (optional) pub crawl as well as pointing out the quirkier bits of our beloved town.

Chichester is a surprisingly spooky city, and there are enough tales here to entertain you for a few hours, while you stroll around, gawping and pointing. Chichester and the surrounding villages were once the centre of smuggling, and rumours of hauntings were one of the ways smugglers used to keep nosey parkers from their stores and to explain away strange bumps in the night .

Section 1 is the tour and Section 2 gives you 9 short stories to give you nightmares afterwards.

Enjoy your walk around our beautiful city centre and we hope our grisly imaginations don’t affect your dreams too much tonight.

Private groups can arrange a guided tour through Chichester City Centre with Julia from as little as £5 per person. Contact Julia to find out more about the Club or the tour.

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