long barrow of thr Martians

A Drift Out of Time

A Drift Out if Time

The Second Book of the Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester.

In A Drift Out of Time, James and Elizabeth, have returned home for a bit of peace and quiet after stopping a Martian invasion of Earth and ruining the Weber Institute plan to take over the world.

Unfortunately they find themselves not only in a different future but a different aspect of themselves.

Moreover, the Martians are still trying to colonise Earth after their failed invasion. And Marco Batalia, the Director of ComsMesh, is loose in time trying to reconnect the interplanetary darknet to help them.

In their quest to get back to their own world, James and Elizabeth travel back and forth between Mars and Earth, drifting across time and space through different pasts and futures until eventually they find a home and in the process discover who the Martians really are.

Fairies will never look the same again. Read a sample

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