News of Leon And other Tales

Julia Macfarlane ‘s humour and talent for characterisation shines through each short story, collected here for the first time in one volume. She deals with business life, personal lives and unlikely situations in sparkling form.

From the amoral friends in ‘News Of Leon’ and ‘A Real Adventure’ to a modern twist on traditional fairy tales in ‘The Invitation’ and ‘The Stepmother’s Tale’, every story casts a sideways glance at life. Anyone who’s owned a pet will appreciate ‘A Shaggy Dog Story’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas’. While those who’ve faced redundancy will cheer on the resourceful employees of BLS Bikes.

If you’ve ever been,or endured, the incompetent intern, you’ll love the shenanigans in ‘Messehalle Blues’. There’s laugh-out-loud fun in ‘A Christmas Surprise’ and even the odd ghost story to send a tingle down your spine.

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Review from ingénue magazine- Autumn 2019

News of Leon

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